• Smart Financial Goals
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    Setting your 2022 Financial Goals the SMART way.

    Feels like yesterday when we were screaming “Happy New Yearrr” and “Welcome to 2022!!”, suddenly we’re halfway through January (scary stuff). If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “where exactly is 2022 running to???” However, as much as it would be easier to go around lamenting about how fast (or slow) the year is moving, the smarter thing to do would be to devise a realistic plan to help you achieve all those big financial goals you’ve set for yourself.

  • 2022 Financial Review
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    How to Carry Out a Financial Review for the New Year

    How do you tell if you’ve made financial progress? Well, you guessed right: by carrying out a thorough financial review. A financial review is an activity that helps you examine the financial goals you set at the beginning of a said time period like, say, a year, to see if those goals were achieved or not. One of the key ways to maintain a healthy financial life is by conducting periodic financial reviews, especially on an annual basis. One of the major perks of conducting a financial review is that you no longer assume or speculate on how things went, rather, you now have a proper and clear understanding of…

  • Retirement Fund 101
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    Creating A Retirement Fund That Works.

    Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials; much to live on and much to live for – Unknown. Unfortunately, many work for so long and end up with nothing much to live on upon retirement. To escape that trap is the reason for a retirement fund.  A retirement fund (otherwise referred to as a pension plan) is an account where you invest a portion of your income towards retirement when your earnings capacity is expected to reduce, and upon retirement, you earn from the retirment fund. How does it work? Generally, there are two forms of pension plans; Defined Benefit Scheme and Defined Contribution Scheme. In the former, the…

  • Rihanna's Billionaire Status
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    Money Lessons from Rihanna’s Billionaire Status

    Rihanna Robyn Fenty known in the entertainment industry as Rihanna is one heck of a go-getter. The highly celebrated songstress and fashion icon answers to a new name now…billionaire! Among the businesses that have contributed to this new feat is her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty in 2017 which was launched to cater to the beauty needs of women of colour. The questions on everyone’s mind is: How did she do it?? And what can we learn from her? Surprisingly, the first-ever female musician to become a billionaire did not achieve this status through her music. According to Forbes, the bulk of her fortune (an estimated $1.4 billion) comes from the…

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    5 Habits of Financially Successful People You Can Start Today

    We all have people who we look up to, those that have their money game in check. They don’t have too much Gbese and aren’t frazzled when they can’t afford Aso-Ebi. These are people who somehow have a good hang about money, and we hope to be like them one day. Not that they don’t spend too, but they know how to chop life and maintain balance. These people have a good relationship with money, which is built over time. The earlier we start cultivating their habits, the faster we reach that stage and become the rich aunts and uncles that have our money in check. Here are  five habits…