• Long January
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    Now That You’ve Received Your January Salary, What Next?

    Payday is finally here! After 60 days of mild “famine” in January, you can now waltz into any bank branch (or app) and demand your money! For some people, salaries have already come in, for others who haven’t, it is expected to come in this week. Whichever category you fall in, what is certain is that by the end of this week, you’d be flush with cash. This begs the question: “Now that you’ve received your January salary, what next?” Typically, the first thing that comes to mind is to pay bills; in fact, some people already have a truckload of outstanding debt that equals about 80% of their January…

  • Smart Financial Goals
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    Setting your 2022 Financial Goals the SMART way.

    Feels like yesterday when we were screaming “Happy New Yearrr” and “Welcome to 2022!!”, suddenly we’re halfway through January (scary stuff). If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “where exactly is 2022 running to???” However, as much as it would be easier to go around lamenting about how fast (or slow) the year is moving, the smarter thing to do would be to devise a realistic plan to help you achieve all those big financial goals you’ve set for yourself.

  • 2022 Financial Review
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    How to Carry Out a Financial Review for the New Year

    How do you tell if you’ve made financial progress? Well, you guessed right: by carrying out a thorough financial review. A financial review is an activity that helps you examine the financial goals you set at the beginning of a said time period like, say, a year, to see if those goals were achieved or not. One of the key ways to maintain a healthy financial life is by conducting periodic financial reviews, especially on an annual basis. One of the major perks of conducting a financial review is that you no longer assume or speculate on how things went, rather, you now have a proper and clear understanding of…

  • Merry Christmas
    Personal Finance

    Quick & Easy Guide to Enjoying the Holidays Without Going Broke

    Christmas is finally here! And in typical Nigerian style, it comes with lots of pomp and pageantry. The holiday season is one known for extravagant spending and joyous celebrations. January however, has 31 days before the next pay cheque arrives. You should be financially intelligent and create a budget for your holiday expenses, to avoid being that friend who begs for handouts or takes small loans at the beginning of the year pending when “salary comes”. You can kiss the fear of being broke in January goodbye by adopting these five easy steps: Have a “holiday” budget While it is great to reward yourself for all the hard work put…

  • Retirement Fund 101
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    Creating A Retirement Fund That Works.

    Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials; much to live on and much to live for – Unknown. Unfortunately, many work for so long and end up with nothing much to live on upon retirement. To escape that trap is the reason for a retirement fund.  A retirement fund (otherwise referred to as a pension plan) is an account where you invest a portion of your income towards retirement when your earnings capacity is expected to reduce, and upon retirement, you earn from the retirment fund. How does it work? Generally, there are two forms of pension plans; Defined Benefit Scheme and Defined Contribution Scheme. In the former, the…

  • Rihanna's Billionaire Status
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    Money Lessons from Rihanna’s Billionaire Status

    Rihanna Robyn Fenty known in the entertainment industry as Rihanna is one heck of a go-getter. The highly celebrated songstress and fashion icon answers to a new name now…billionaire! Among the businesses that have contributed to this new feat is her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty in 2017 which was launched to cater to the beauty needs of women of colour. The questions on everyone’s mind is: How did she do it?? And what can we learn from her? Surprisingly, the first-ever female musician to become a billionaire did not achieve this status through her music. According to Forbes, the bulk of her fortune (an estimated $1.4 billion) comes from the…

  • Lifestyle,  Personal Finance

    10 Tips For Creating A Financial Self Care Routine

    As young people living in a developing continent with high levels of inflation, high levels of unemployment and a currency that is constantly being devalued, feeling immense levels of stress when we think about our finances is quite normal for a lot of millennials and Gen-Zs. The mere thought of how to pay your bills, pay your next rent or even afford higher education “abroad”  can breed worry and feelings of helplessness among young people, impacting your everyday life, causing mood swings and sometimes even affecting your relationship with people around you. To live a financially whole life where you are free from constantly worrying about money, there is a…

  • Investing Tips for African women
    Personal Finance

    Investing Tips for the African Millennial Woman

    Financial independence has become a vital conversation for many African millennials, especially women. From making money moves, securing the bag, investing in stocks, real estate, and building thriving businesses, the African millennial woman is evolving and taking more control of her financial freedom. She’s not afraid to take risks and look for opportunities. This was not precisely the case some years ago. But, then, our mothers, hardworking as they were, were often termed incapable of taking care of themselves and dependent on the man’s handouts. Moreover, despite being the best savers, women have been known to be scared of plunging into the uncertain world of investments in the past. They’d…

  • Personal Finance

    What Your Risk Tolerance Says About Where To Invest

    When I made my first investment, I was dabbling into something I had zilch knowledge about. Mymediocre self was hopeful that without touching the capital, perhaps I could be reaping inmultiples after a year. Little did I know that was merely a wishful thought. A year later, I hadforgotten the password to my app, but I wish I never remembered. It ended in hot tears! I had lost almost 40% of my money! (I didn’t invest in crypto…lol) I invested in an equity mutualfund. In finance, there is a truism that the higher the risk, the higher the expected returns. Inretrospect, I found that although I wanted huge returns (who…

  • Personal Finance

    5 Money Tips for Ramadan

    It is that time of the year when Muslims embark on the religious endeavour of fasting – the Holy Month of Ramadan. Arguably, many households tend to spend more on food during Ramadan. This may appear counter-intuitive since we should eat less. However, the reason may not also be farfetched since we tend to give more sadaqah (charity), pay zakat, sponsor iftar, spend on Eid celebration and several others. Along the line, many drift off-budget and struggle with an unprecedented financial constraint afterwards. To keep your finances in check during the Holy Month, consider doing the following;  Prepare a budget – it is not too late to draw a budget…